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These Terms and Conditions in consonance with the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer form the complete agreement between Users and the Trust, and revoke any earlier agreement or understanding. However, these Terms may be altered continually, and it is the sole responsibility of Users to keep themselves updated of such changes. The Trust is not bound to provide prior notifications to Users of such changes, and the Trust assumes no liability for any loss caused to Users on account of being unaware of the amended Terms.

Remittance of a payment on the App shall be deemed to be Users' acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. An express consent need not be given to this effect.


Users are required to carefully read the Instructions provided on the login page of the App with regard to concluded and pending transactions, and strictly adhere to the same.

Users may make payments through Credit/Debit Cards and/or Net Banking in accordance with their convenience. A Payment Confirmation Slip is generated on the App once payment is effected. In the event of a failure to complete payments, the reason for the same will be displayed.

In the event the process is stuck in between before a User(s) enters her/his Card details and/or details for Net Banking, s/he may start the process all over again. Also, in the event the said Payment Confirmation Slip is not generated on completing the entire payment process, Users may contact their respective Banks to confirm that payments have been credited. They may then lodge a complaint on the App that the said Slip has not been generated on successful payments. However, in the event the respective Bank intimates Users that payments have not been credited, fresh payments have to be made on the App.

Users are required to record the Reference Numbers of transactions for future references.

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