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Social Work Internships and Practicums

Students pursuing social work degrees often complete social work internships or practicums. A social work internship is a professional program offered by social service organizations to students who are almost finished completing an educational program or to degree holders seeking experience. Typically, candidates are completing their undergraduate or graduate degree. 

Social work internships for undergraduates focus on relevant, entry-level experiences that mirror job duties, while internships for graduate students prepares them for more advanced job roles. 

Social work students must often complete a practicum. This is a type of professional work experience that allows students to study, observe, and document the performance of other professionals in the field. Practicum experiences are paired with a course containing milestone assignments to analyze the experience.

What to Expect from Your Social Work Internship or Practicum
What Will I Do for My Social Work Internship or Practicum?

Social work internships vary depending on a student's level of education and specialty. Interns perform duties such as preparing agendas and discussing details with directors or field instructors. Other intern duties include case management, evaluation of client needs, and treatment options. Interns may also propose solutions to current challenges. While interns gain practical experience and complete independent tasks at times, they work under the guidance of licensed social workers.

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Free Internship For Social Workers

kadamai Trust offers internships to students who have recently graduated and are interested in pursuing a career in the social service sector. We teach them the secrets and joys reserved for selfless service.

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